First attempt at a Python prog (Chess)

Jussi Piitulainen jpiitula at
Fri Feb 15 17:48:02 CET 2013

Tim Golden writes:
> On 15/02/2013 13:11, Oscar Benjamin wrote:
> > On 15 February 2013 11:36, Tim Golden wrote:
> >> And the "how shall we represent the board?" question is pretty
> >> much the first thing any team asks themselves. And you always get
> >> someone in favour of lists of lists, someone for one long list,
> > 
> > I always get confused when doing this about which of my
> > coordinates needs to be multiplied (i.e. whether I am in Fortran
> > or C order).
> How true. This last time, my team split into two: one half to handle
> the display, the other working on the algorithm. We ended up having
> to draw a really simple diagram on the back of an envelope with the
> x,y pairs written out and pass it back and forth as *everyone* kept
> forgetting which went first.

Surely you knew to have f1(board, x, y) for getting whatever is at
(x,y) and f2(store, x, y, wev) for putting wev at (x,y). Why didn't
you do that?

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