Python trademark under attack -- the PSF needs your help

Steven D'Aprano steve+comp.lang.python at
Thu Feb 14 22:52:46 CET 2013

Hello all,

The Python Software Foundation is the organisation which protects and
manages the "boring" bits of keeping a big open source project alive: the
legal and contractual parts, funding for projects, trademarks and

If you are based in Europe, or know somebody who uses Python in Europe, the
PSF needs your help.

There is a company in the UK who has applied to trademark the name "Python"
and are claiming the *exclusive* right to use the word "Python" for
software, servers, and web services over the entire European Union.

You can read more about this here:

If you have documentation of European user groups, trade associations,
books, conferences, scans of job advertisements for Python programmers,
software that uses some variation of "Python" in the name, etc. your
evidence will be helpful in defeating this attempted grab of the Python

You can also testify to the fact that when you read or hear of the
name "Python" in relation to computers and the Internet, you think of
Python the programming language.

Thank you.


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