multiple 2.7.3 versions?

Robin Becker robin at
Fri Feb 15 15:33:24 CET 2013

On 15/02/2013 14:00, Roy Smith wrote:
> I ran into a similar issue just recently (see this thread:
>  The Ubuntu folks seem to be cherry-picking
> bugfixes and releasing them with the same version numbers.
yes it seems that must be the case. Maybe someone at should tell the 
ubuntists not to do that.

However, even a proper 2.7.4 release shouldn't change the interface (ie rename 
module variables). That must be down to someone at I guess because 
2.7 is the last minor release of the 2.x series that the stability requirements 
have been dumped.

Luckily, our code didn't launch any missiles because of this 'fix'. I always 
recommend people to build their own python for exactly this reason.
Robin Becker

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