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On Fri, Feb 15, 2013 at 4:45 PM, Deborah Piotrowski
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> Hi,
> I am very new to Python, I am using the e-book "Python Programming for the
> Absolute Beginner" and am starting with a simple "Game Over" Program.  This
> is the code:which is extremely simple!
> print"Game Over" raw_input("\n\nPress Enter Key to exit")

welcome Nicholas

One important thing about python is indentation is important.  You have
presented your code in a way that can't be.  Can you actually copy your
program and paste it into an email message.  Also, Windows, Linux, Mac?

> That's it. It is supposed to bring up a window that says "Game Over" and
> at the bottom say "Press enter Key to exit" and when you press the enter
> key it is supposed to exit(big suprise).
> But all it does is highlight "raw_input" and says "invalid syntax" Now, if
> I just put "print "Game Over"" then it says Game Over UNDERNEATH the code I
> just printed!
> now I am following the book to the *pixel* and that is not what is
> supposed to happen!
> Please email me back as soon as you get this...(if you are not to busy).
> Thanks,Nicholas
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Joel Goldstick
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