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Mon Feb 18 11:57:53 CET 2013

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> Hi, I don't know if I should ask this on here, or in the tutor
> section, but I heard that was an
> innovative IDE, so I was wondering if it works for python since I'm
> learning python over time..... Thanks


Please do not use html format when asking this list. And cut any text that is not related to your question (you included a thread that had nothing to do with your question).
And last request, please do not top post.

Anyway, welcome to the list. The IDE you mentioned seems to aim web development and state to support Flask, a python web framework.
I'm not sure it's suitable for general purpose though.
I would also advise a python beginner *not* to use an alpha IDE.

Regarding which is the best IDE for python, the answer is simple, the best IDe is ... no just kidding :p you'll find a tons of flame wars in this list about the best IDE, search the archive for it.

Here's one, I'm not using it but it's quite effective.




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