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On Fri, 15 Feb 2013 22:52:57 -0500, Mitya Sirenef
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>On 02/15/2013 10:22 PM, eli m wrote:
>> Any small program ideas? I would prefer to stick to command line ones. Thanks.
>How about these two:
>  - simulation of a street crossing with green/red lights allowing cars 
>and pedestrians to pass in one direction then another
>  - simulation of an elevator in a building: buttons on each floor to 
>call the elevator, buttons inside to go to a particular floor,
>    multiple floors can be selected at the same time, creating a queue 
>of floors to go to.
>  -m

I like the elevator sim proposal. We did that exercise in C++ in
college. It makes use of few data structures. I actually was very
impressed at how intense the algorithm for an elevator could be.
Especially if, say, its a skyscraper with many floors and elevator
shafts. Very good exercise! I am new to python myself and just may try
that for the practise.

Here's my suggestion: A python game AI for the text game "Zork"

Semper Fi

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