SOAP web services using python. Would like to change the Envelope Document using MessagePlugin before sending it using suds

sarat.devineni at sarat.devineni at
Mon Feb 18 08:32:31 CET 2013

Hi ,

My current SOAP request sent via suds.client looks like this:

<SOAP-ENV:Envelope (some name space URIs)>
  <SOAP-ENV:Header />
        <request xsi:type="ns3:SaveModule">
          <Module xsi:type="ns4:Module">
            <ModuleName xsi:type="ns1:string">Test</ModuleName>

This request fails on my server. If i take the same XML request and massage it and send it visa SOAPUI, it works fine. What I did was

<soapenv:Envelope (some name space URIs)>
  <soapenv:Header />

As you see, I had to change SOAP-ENV to soapenv, modify node ns5:saveModule to saveModule and also remove attributes such xsi:type to other child nodes

How can I , modify the request in above manner using suds.client. Documentation suggests to use a plugin with Client using marshalled method. But I was unsuccessful

Any help is greatly appreciated


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