Data Tree urgent help!!!!!!

anadionisio257 at anadionisio257 at
Tue Feb 19 13:14:19 CET 2013

I have this lists with information and I need to make a "tree" by associating the information inside the lists. For example:

l1 = [apple, pear]
l2 = [dog, cat]
l3 = [fork, spoon]

And I need to make something like this:

l4 = [apple, dog, fork]
l5 = [apple, dog, spoon]
l6= [apple, cat, fork]
l7 = [apple, cat, spoon]
l8 = [pear, dog, fork]

How can I do this? I could use "for" cycles and "if...else" but with larger lists it gets complicated   

Is there some simple solution that I can use?

I hope you could help me  

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