Double posts (was Re: Python module import failed error)

Lele Gaifax lele at
Tue Feb 19 19:17:58 CET 2013

matt.doolittle33 at writes:

> Does anyone know why i keep having these double posts?

That's because your posts carry the following headers:

  To: python-list at
  Cc: python-list at

or these (from a previous message):

  To: comp.lang.python at
  Cc: python-list at

So it seems you are answering using Google Groups, *and* putting
“python-list at” in the CC field. This “forum” has three heads,
one mirroring the others: whatever you send to one of the addresses is
automatically “copied” on the other sides, and viceversa; see also

So, simply avoid adding an explicit CC field when you send your message/reply.

Hope this helps,
bye, lele.
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