Is there a graphical GUI builder?

Roland Koebler r.koebler at
Wed Feb 20 11:42:48 CET 2013


> > [q] In Qt, it's also possible to generate such flexible layouts. But
> > it's unfortunately not the default way in Qt, and the Qt designer only
> > supports it rudimentarily, and in a much less obvious way. And Qt does
> > not have such a "container"-concept, where many widgets (e.g. buttons,
> > notebook registers etc.) contain other widgets.
> ...
> I'm sorry but all of that is completely wrong. Using layouts that
> automatically adapt to fonts, the size of widgets being laid out etc. is
> the default way. You could use explicit sizes and positions if you wanted
> to, but that would be bad for the reasons you gave.
hmm, interesting, but then Qt Designer is a total mess.

In Qt Designer (at least in 4.x), the default is a fixed layout, where
I have to position the widgets at precise pixel-positions and have to
define the size in pixels. And I cannot remove the default fixed layout
without modifying the .ui-file in a text editor!

> Qt does have a
> container concept - that's what a QWidget is (the base class of all
> widgets).
A container concept like in GTK+ is *much* more than having a base
widget where all widgets are derived from, or having layout boxes.
It means that most widgets are containers, like buttons, notebook
labels, checkboxes, radio buttons, scrollbar-windows etc.
And I haven't seen anything like this in Qt (or: in Qt Designer).


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