Is there a graphical GUI builder?

Roland Koebler r.koebler at
Wed Feb 20 12:52:29 CET 2013

Hi Phil,

> > In Qt Designer (at least in 4.x), the default is a fixed layout, where
> > I have to position the widgets at precise pixel-positions and have to
> > define the size in pixels. And I cannot remove the default fixed layout
> > without modifying the .ui-file in a text editor!
> I'm sorry but that is just wrong.
I now found out, that I can indeed change the default fixed layout by
clicking onto the empty main window or by selecting the main window in
the Object Inspector and then clicking on a layout-icon on the toolbar.

I hope that most developers who use Qt use this feature, since the fixed
layout is the default in Qt designer and it's not really obvious how to
change this for beginners...


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