Is there a graphical GUI builder?

Roland Koebler r.koebler at
Wed Feb 20 11:05:29 CET 2013


> I agree that on Linux GTK is pretty darn slick.  I use it for all my
> little GUIs.  But on Windows, GTK, particularly under python, isn't
> quite as easy to get running.
installing GTK+ 2.x should be easy, since there are all-in-one-installers
for windows on (for GTK+) and
(for Python+GTK+).

Installing GTK+ 3.x on windows is currently a bit more complicated, but this
situation should improve soon.

> I think if the OP is on windows (which it seems like he is) then Qt with
> PySide (using either QML or QtDesigner to manipulate ui files) is an
> excellent choice.
I never was happy with QtDesigner -- I always struggled *a lot*
(in contrast to Glade, where most things worked like a charm).

I not even achieved to rename the tab of a notebook (?!) or to create
a button with an icon above the text, or a grid layout without a fixed
layout. It even seems that the QtDesigner doesn't even provide standard-
icons (e.g. for open, close, exit etc.) or a file dialog. Am I doing
something fundamentally wrong in QtDesigner, or is QtDesigner really
that bad?


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