Is there a graphical GUI builder?

Steve Simmons square.steve at
Wed Feb 20 08:44:29 CET 2013

On 19/02/2013 23:19, Rex Macey wrote:
> I'm new to Python and only a hobbyist programmer.  A long time ago I used Microsoft's Visual Basic which had a nice (graphical) facility for creating GUIs which was part of the development environment.  I'm wondering if there's a utility for Python to build GUIs.  I see that there is TKinter, which is a scripting function to build GUIs. To be clear, I'm looking for a graphical interface to build GUIs. Thanks.
Take a look at Qt (and PyQt) - this includes QtDesigner, a nice GUI 
design/generation tool.  Three caveats:

1. Read and Re-read the response from Chris Angelico - IME he knows what 
he is talking about and I'm just in the process of learning first hand 
what he is telling you (I'm writing an application in Python with PyQt).
2. Qt isn't 'free' (depending on what you are going to be doing with it) 
- read the licensing rules.
3. QtDesigner isn't Visual Studio and creating a GUI in Qt/PyQt tends to 
be a process of GUI design, GUI code generation and integration with 
your 'business logic.'  There's no round-trip-engineering, so if you 
mess with your GUI code after generating it, it isn't easy to get it 
back into QtDesigner.

Steve Simmons

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