Import Json web data source to xls or csv

Michael Herman hermanmu at
Wed Feb 20 19:27:13 CET 2013

Looks like you got it figured out. The indentation error probably occurred
from the copy and paste job into the email.

If you're interested in getting up to speed quickly on Python and Python
Web Development, I have a kickstarter going -

The $25 pledge will give you access to both courses - learning Python
syntax and Python web development

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

On Tue, Feb 19, 2013 at 11:13 PM, io <maroso at> wrote:

> Hi Michael (name of my son) and thanks for the big help.
> I'm starting to love python sintax (did they call it python for the slim
> it is compared to other languages?)
> Your code didn't work immediatley as it was givin an indentation error
> that i sorted out quickly fixing the last two lines.
> It worked like a charm!  :-)
> About your suggestions, i tried datanitro but that it only for excel and
> seems to not work under linux on playonlinux (as no linux support is
> given)
> I haven't tried the other solution you suggested, i will give it a try as
> soon as possible.
> What i'm trying to do is find a new programming language that can
> integrate with softwares like libre office cal or openoffice cal or excel
> as i had my prg working on windows and vba didn't have any issues, but
> now that i moved and try to do all on linux vba isn't 100 percent working
> and many system calls cannot be done.
> Do you know any place where i can start learning seriously python on the
> web?
> Last question : how can i set a condition in order to exclude from
> importing those rows that have both bid and ask values = none?
> I'll try to figure it out in the meantime but i'm a noob so any help will
> be appreciated.
> I actually started using SPE and have winpdb installed on my linux box.
> Thanks again for all the help.
> --
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