PyQT app accessible over network?

Monte Milanuk memilanuk at
Thu Feb 21 17:22:53 CET 2013

Hello all,

New guy here, with a kind of general question.  Hopefully its not too 

I've been working at learning python off and on now for a while, with a 
couple programs in mind as a goal - kind of specialized stuff that I 
can't seem to find a good match for already available, competitor 
records, score-keeping & results for an amateur sports tournament.  Many 
places use some cobbled-together Excel spreadsheet, which has its 
limitations.  Others use an antiquated DOS-style application written in 
PowerBasic that has issues of its own.

Probably 98-99% of the time the match administration would be done by a 
single individual on a single PC, which seems like it would be nearly 
ideal for a desktop application implemented in PyQt4 or similar.  The 
problem is (as usual) those edge cases where there are enough 
volunteers/resources to have more than one person doing data entry 
(maybe 2-3 in practice, but lets say 10-12 for arguments sake to pad 
things a bit).

What I was wondering is what would be a good way of handling this with a 
PyQt app?  Build the desktop app first, and add some sort of 
functionality to enable a lightweight web server and framework for the 
additional data entry 'clients'?  Or would it be better to create 
dedicated PyQt client apps to connect to the PC/laptop running the 
'main' application?  Should I go a different direction entirely, with a 
complete self-hosted webapp built on a framework like web2py?

As you can probably tell, I have only a vaguely fuzzy idea of 'how' at 
this point... but I would like to be able to proceed with some 
confidence that as I get further down the road I'm not going to run into 
a dead-end and have to start over down a different path.



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