PyQT app accessible over network?

Wolfgang Keller feliphil at
Sun Feb 24 15:30:08 CET 2013

> My concern is that using postgres or mysql for this would be akin to 
> using a sledgehammer to swat a fly,

I wouldn't use MySQL for anything that requires anything else than

And PostgreSQL has extremely spartanic resource requirements in the
default configuration. It runs on Linux on hardware where (the
most recent) Windows alone wouldn't run.

> My other reason for wanting one 'central' app is that there are
> various functions (setting up the tournament, closing registration,
> editing scores, finalizing results) that I really *don't* want the 
> satellite/client apps to be able to do.

Easy, you simply restrict access rights to the corresponding tables
for the individual users. Any halfway decent database application
framework will allow to configure the application correspondingly for
each user.



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