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On 24/02/2013 23:03, Roy Smith wrote:
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>> PS.: JavaScript is a trademark, and the actual language name is
>> specified as ECMAScript.
> The decision whether to call it JavaScript or ECMAScript really comes
> down to, "Do you want to be correct, or do you want people to know what
> you're talking about?"

I was giving the reason why I used the language standardized name 
(ECMAScript) in the previous paragraph that you snipped. However it is 
perfectly okay using the term "JavaScript" when referring to an 
ECMAScript implementation. The same happens when you ask for a Band-Aid, 
not a bandage; or ask for Kleenex, not tissue, or when you “Google” for 
a word instead of searching for it.

Joao Rodrigues (J.R.)

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