Python Newbie

piterrr.dolinski at piterrr.dolinski at
Sun Feb 24 23:43:21 CET 2013


Not thank you for your malicious post.
I think you are missing the point here.

My source code was just a dummy to offer context for the question I wanted to ask. Further down the line, if I ever feel I don't need to pseudo-declare variables I will stop doing it. But for the moment I am trying to imitate familiar ground.

My code as written has no syntax errors, so what's the problem? It is highly unlikely you will ever read any of my Python code - no need to get excited over a few of my lines.

And you don't need to answer questions which were not posed, thank you.

I wanted Python to register what type of variable I'm after. So I init my vars accordingly, int might be 0, float 0.0 and string with null, err... None.

In practice, I wouldn't define an intX_asString var, I would do "str (num)" every time a string representation is needed, provided it isn't a loop, as in that context the expression would probably negatively impact performance in an interpreted language.


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