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Larry Hudson orgnut at
Tue Feb 26 09:32:44 CET 2013

On 02/24/2013 02:43 PM, piterrr.dolinski at wrote:
> ...  But for the moment I am trying to imitate familiar ground.
This is EXACTLY why you're having trouble grasping Python.  Python is a different language and 
requires a different mind-set and different approach.  In this, it is NO different from ANY 
other new (to you) programming language.

Of course, don't forget general programming principles -- how to approach a problem, how to 
select algorithms, and such.  These apply to any language, but the details of syntax and such 
ARE different in different languages.  Trying to apply these old details to a new language only 
hinders your learning process, it definitely does NOT help.

Actually, your comments and questions make me wonder HOW you are trying to learn Python.  All 
the things you're asking about are clearly and completely discussed in any decent book or 
tutorial.  It makes me speculate that you're simply trying to use a Python reference instead of 
something that actually teaches anything.  A reference may give you the rules and syntax, but 
not much about how to apply them properly.

Please think about finding some better fundamental material -- there is a LOT available.  And 
please quit trying to force Python to be something it isn't.  That is never going to be 
effective and definitely harmful to your learning.

> I wanted Python to register what type of variable I'm after...

Python variables do NOT have any data type.  The objects they reference have data types. 
Variables can be assigned and RE-assigned to any data type at any time.  Again, I emphasize, 
QUIT THINKING IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE, it simply doesn't work.  You might like it if it were so, but 
it simply does not match reality.

      -=- Larry -=-

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