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On 2013-02-23, Chris Angelico <rosuav at> wrote:

> It's worth noting, though, that there are self-perpetuating aspects to
> it. I can happily distribute a .py file to a Linux audience, because
> many Linux distros come with a Python already installed, or at very
> least can grab one easily via the package manager.

Are there any popular, mainstream Linux distros that don't come with
Python installed by default?

RedHat has had Python installed as part of the base system since day
1, since both the installer and some of the system admin stuff was
written in Python.  I always thought RPM also originally written in
Python, but can't find any references.  In any case, yum is written in
Python, so I doubt there are any RPM-based distros that don't have
Python as part of a base install.

Python is required by Gentoo, since the package management tools are
written (at least partially) in Python.  In theory, it might be
possible to do an install tha doesn't include Python by using a
different package-management system, but in practice Python is always
there on Gentoo systems.

All of the Debian systems I've seen had Python installed, but I'm not
sure how "required" it is.

AFAICT, Python is installed as part of all Ubuntu installations as

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