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On Saturday 23 February 2013 17:44:21 Steve Simmons did opine:

> On 23/02/2013 18:32, Gene Heskett wrote:
> > I am here because I was hoping some knowledge leakage would help me to
> > understand python, but at my age I am beginning to have to admit the
> > level of abstraction is something I may never fully grok. If I ever
> > find a python book that literally starts at square one, it _will_ come
> > home with me though. But I have too many hobbies too, I have a BP
> > rifle that needs a trip to the range this afternoon for some exercise.
> > 
> > :) Cheers, Gene
> I'm using Rapid GUI Programming with Python & Qt (Mark Summerfield ISBN
> 978-0-13-235418-9) - it fits for me because I needed something that
> covered GUI development but also had an intro to the language.  The
> first 3 chapters are a Python intro at a sensible level for experienced
> coders (none of this 'here is the keyboard, there is the screen'
> nonsense) so it is enough to get you going with Python. The rest is
> about Qt/PyQt, taught via manageable examples and giving a fairly well
> thought out dialogue (monologue?) of what each line/function does.   It
> was useful enough for me to want to carry the hardback version with me
> on my 'commute' from the UK to Nigeria where I am currently working.
> I've also got two books by Wesley Chun, (Core Python Programming & Core
> Python Applications Programming) on my Kindle .  I can't give you a
> sensible verdict on those two because, while I've finally settled to
> reading fiction on the Kindle, I still like to have a real book when it
> comes to reference works (on any subject) so they haven't had the usage
> that Summerfield has.
> Oh, and you're never too old for anything but most things take longer -
> gives you more time to enjoy them ;-)

Humm, but what if you are worrying about having enough time just to finish 
a bucket list?  However, there so much in my bucket, I doubt if I'll ever 
see the bottom of it.  And of course, looking at it from my side of these 
trifocals, the real question is should I put a smiley, or a frowny after 
it, so I'll not confuse the issue by doing either.

Cheers, Gene
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