AttributeError: ' ' object has no attribute ' '

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> Subject: AttributeError:  '  ' object has no attribute '  '
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> I am using Ubuntu 12.10, and Python 2.7.3, GNU Radio Companion v3.6.3.  I get the this error in terminal: 
>  in __init__
>     self.wxgui_waterfallsink2_0.set_callback(wxgui_waterfallsink2_0_callback)
>   File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/gnuradio/gr/", line 54, in __getattr__
>     return getattr(self._hb, name)
> AttributeError: 'gr_hier_block2_sptr' object has no attribute 'set_callback'
> I have been getting this error in multiple programs.  So what is stopping the program here?  There is no Attribute .set_callback obviously. But where is this attribute missing from exactly and how do i put it where it should be?  
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That error means that 'gr_hier_block2_sptr' doesn't have enough information to proceed. If you look at the top of the defintion (for example, 'def gr_hier_block2_sptr, [attribute], [another attribute]'), that's where you should find .set_callback.  If it's not there, you'l just need to add it to the end; if it is there, then the attribute is probably given a different name somewhere else  (so you'll just need to find out its new name and update the existing entry). 		 	   		  
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