tkinter / gui

Rex Macey xer0925 at
Sat Feb 23 23:50:43 CET 2013

Here is one general and one specific question about creating GUIs using tkinter from a newbie.  I have created a class in which to hold some data.  I want to create a GUI to get the data from the user and store it in the object.  Browsing the web I see that a lot of examples on GUIs have the forms put into classes.  I'm not clear why.  Why is that? Second, I've created a form with a bunch of widgets on it, one of which is a listbox.  This is done with a script, not a class.   I've defined a method that responds to a Button Release event.  I know this works because I can print the value selected in the listbox while within the method.  However, I want the value of the listbox after I've closed the form.  How do I get that? Thanks. 

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