telnet to Cognex In-Sight 4001 camera

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Tue Feb 26 02:44:19 CET 2013

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> On Monday, February 25, 2013 9:02:54 AM UTC-8, chris... at wrote:
> > Hello,  ive been struggling with this for a couple weeks now and was hoping 
> > someone might be able to help.  I have an older Cognex camera that I need 
> > to communicate with via telnet.  I can get a response from the camera when 
> > I initiate a telnet session but I dont seem to get any response when I 
> > write the user name to the camera -  I havnt been able to get any response 
> > writing anything.

Two suggestions I can make.

One is to use the command-line telnet utility to talk to the camera.  
Verify that you can at least make a connection and authenticate that way.

Second, use a packet sniffer to watch the actual traffic going back and 
forth to the camera.  On a Unix box, I would do:

$ tcpdump -s 0 -A host

but it looks like you're on windows, so you'll want to use Wireshark 
( instead of tcpdump.  If you're not familiar 
with TCP protocol details, you'll want to read up on it so you can 
properly interpret what tcpdump or Wireshark is telling you.

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