Do you feel bad because of the Python docs?

rurpy at rurpy at
Thu Feb 28 02:17:16 CET 2013

On 02/26/2013 11:43 AM, Terry Reedy wrote:
> On 2/26/2013 7:54 AM, Steven D'Aprano wrote:
>> One week ago, "JoePie91" wrote a blog post challenging the Python
>> community and the state of Python documentation, titled:
>> "The Python documentation is bad, and you should feel bad".
>> and-you-should-feel-bad/

In which JoePie91 writes:
  ...the community around Python is one of the most hostile and
  unhelpful communities around any programming-related topic that
  I have ever seen...

> To me, this is a lying troll rant worth less than most of RantingRick's 
> posts.

Rather making his point, aren't you?


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