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Wed Feb 27 09:57:51 CET 2013

I would advise try answer the question: what is my goal?

Don't be surprised that not everyone become a programmer... many people fail and get back to market thinking it was waste of time.


Andriy Kornatskyy

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> Subject: Project Based python tutorials
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> Hi everyone!
> First of all: Im new to this group and i dont know if there are any "rules" or jargon around her. If so; pleas fill me in.
> So, I desided to start learning programming a few months ago and by now i feel pretty confident about the basics of the python language, and programming in general.
> Variables,loops, conditionals, data structures, methods and even some object oriented programming, are all familiar consepts.
> As i want to become a better programmer, i figured the next step would be to start working on some bigger and more complex projects.Yet despite my numerouse web searchs for project based tutorials,i cant seem to find any good ones.
> I have no trouble with understanding the concepts of programming, however I find it quite difficult to take it to the next "level".
> So, is there anyone out there willing to share some experience? I would be really grateful!
> Greetings from Norway!
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