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Thu Feb 28 11:16:39 CET 2013

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> On Wednesday, February 27, 2013 2:31:11 AM UTC-6, Alvin Ghouas wrote:
> > So, I desided to start learning programming a few months
> > ago and by now i feel pretty confident about the basics of
> > the python language, and programming in general.
> > Variables, loops, conditionals, data structures, methods
> > and even some object oriented programming, are all
> > familiar consepts.
> Congratulations on your accomplishment. However, what you describe
> would only be a good grasp of *very* basic and very *generic*
> aspects of programming in general. There is much MUCH more to learn
> before you start authoring a resume to Google or jump head first
> into a large scale open source project.
> > As i want to become a better programmer, i figured the
> > next step would be to start working on some bigger and
> > more complex projects.Yet despite my numerouse web searchs
> > for project based tutorials,i cant seem to find any good
> > ones.
> Hold on just a minute!
> Before you decide to start participating in outside projects may we
> have a list of some of the software you've written for yourself?
> (With all due respect) I very seriously doubt that someone with only
> a "few months" of programming experience is ready for the real
> world.
> > I have no trouble with understanding the concepts of
> > programming, however I find it quite difficult to take it
> > to the next "level". So, is there anyone out there willing
> > to share some experience? I would be really grateful.
> Well how can we possibly know what "the next level" means to you when
> you failed to offer examples of your experience besides: "loops",
> "variables", "data structures", etc... Please provide a list of the
> types of programs you have written. Have you written any system
> tool? What about GUI applications? What about every programmers wet
> dream: THE WORLDS BEST TEXT EDITOR! What about libraries? Details,
> details!

Rick, aren't you recruiting for you py4000 project ?



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