Python newbie trying to embed in C++

Gisle Vanem gvanem at
Thu Feb 28 11:47:19 CET 2013

"Marwan Badawi" <Marwan.Badawi at> wrote:

> I just noticed that my reply went to the message sender and not to the 
> newsgroup, so I'm posting again: thanks, I'll look into that.

Yes, I often do that too; i.e. I'm subscribed to python-list at
and get all messages from comp.lang.python mirrored to the ML a bit later.
I prefer the mailing-list over comp.lang.python since my NNTP server
( is rather slow and my ISP has deprecated NNTP 
long time ago. 

I saw you uses Thunderbird on Windows. I'm not sure how it by default handles
a reply-to when there is no "Reply-to" field in the header. To the address in 
"From" / "Sender" or what? 

I wish the NNTP-mailing list gateway could add a "Reply-to: <python-list at>".
Since I'm getting the messages via the ML, I think it would be logical that the replies 
should by default go to the ML too.


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