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Terry Reedy tjreedy at
Wed Feb 27 23:24:10 CET 2013

On 2/27/2013 3:21 AM, jmfauth hijacked yet another thread:
 > Some are building, some are destroying.

We are still waiting for you to help build a better 3.3+, instead of 
trying to 'destroy' it with mostly irrelevant cherry-picked benchmarks.

 > Py33
 >>>> timeit.repeat("{1:'abc需'}")
 > [0.2573893570572636, 0.24261832285651508, 0.24259548003601594]

On my win system, I get a lower time for this:
[0.16579443757208878, 0.1475787649924598, 0.14970205670637426]

 > Py323
 > timeit.repeat("{1:'abc需'}")
 > [0.11000708521282831, 0.0994753634273593, 0.09901023634051853]

While I get the same time for 3.2.3.
[0.11759353304428544, 0.09482448029000068, 0.09532802044164157]

It seems that something about Jim's machine does not like 3.3.
*nix will probably see even less of a difference. Times are in 
microseconds, so few programs will ever notice the difference.

In the meanwhile ... Effort was put into reducing startup time for 3.3 
by making sure that every module imported during startup actual needed 
to be imported, and into speeding up imports.

The startup process is getting a deeper inspection for 3.4
'Simplifying the CPython startup sequence'
with some expectation for further speedup.

Also, a real-world benchmark project has been established.
Some work has already been done to port benchmarks to 3.x, but I suspect 
there is more to do and more volunteers needed.

Terry Jan Reedy

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