Fwd: Issue with continous incrementing of unbroken sequence for a entire working day

Morten Engvoldsen mortenengv at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 21:41:30 CET 2013

Okey i have wrote the below program as you suggested:

import time
from datetime import date

def salesrecord():
    serial_number = 0
    sales_recrod = {'record1':'product1',
    for i in sales_recrod:
        print sales_recrod[i]
        serial_number += 1
    print serial_number
    fo = open("workfile.txt", "wb")
    with open("workfile.txt", 'r') as f:
        serial_number = f.read()
    today = date.today()


Here i am bit confuse with where i should write the read file function to
read the current serial number and date. also when i overwrite the file
with current serial number, it will overwrite the date also with current
date, in that case how will i  compare the date. Can you please show me in
my example how can i achive this..

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Subject: Re: Issue with continous incrementing of unbroken sequence for a
entire working day
Store the day as well as the serial_number in your file.  If the day is the
same as today's day, use the serial_number, if not, use 1.  At the end of
you program write the current day and serial_number.

*Matt Jones*

On Thu, Feb 28, 2013 at 1:00 PM, Morten Engvoldsen <mortenengv at gmail.com>wrote:
thanks for youe suggestion. I think i will go for your second option:

# Runs this loop until killed
while True
<do some stuff: clean serial_number, if day changed, calculate salesrecord

serial_number = salesrecord(serial_number)

But, if i save the serial_ number value in file, then how  will it decide
to reset the serial number to '1' when the batch  runs on next working day.
What condition can be good, so that next day when the batch runs, it will
know it has to reset the value 1.  Also my batch will not automatcilly run
whole day, this is user's decision how many times he wants to run the batch
in a day. Can you elebrate more how can i do that ...

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Date: Thu, Feb 28, 2013 at 5:31 PM
Subject: Issue with continous incrementing of unbroken sequence for a
entire working day
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Hi team,
I need to run a batch of sales records and  the batch has serial_number
filed to store the serial number of the sales record. The serial number
should be set to  1 everyday when the batch runs first time in a day and
the maximum serial number could be 1000.

So when the batch runs first time in a day and if it has 10 records, so the
last serial number will be 10. And when the batch runs 2nd time in same
day, the serial number should start from 11.  In this way serial_number
will increment as an unbroken series throughout the entire working day. The
next day when the batch runs first time the serial number will reset to 1.

Now this could be sample code how the program can count the sequence for a

def salesrecord():
    serial_number = 1
    for i in selesrecord:
        print first_sales_record
        serial_number += 1
        print serial_number


So if the batch has 10 records and last serial number of first batch is 10,
then when the batch runs second time in the same day, how the
'serial_number' will get the value of 10 and then continue the serial
number for the same day,  then for next day again the serial number will
start from 1.

Can you let me know how can i achive this in python? As i am in learning
phase of python, can you let me know what would be good approach to do this
in python.
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