Read csv file and create a new file

io maroso at
Thu Feb 28 21:23:36 CET 2013

> Iterate over the file instead of looping manually.
>  for line in esclusioni_file:
>      esclusioni.append(line.strip())
>  print(esclusioni)

the print was only to see if it was reading correct data but iìm not 
needing to see it.

> Why are you checking d["symbol"] instead of d["currency"]? Maybe I
> misunderstood the question.

the file esclusioni.txt has the names of the market places that i want to 
exclude ... the correspoding marketplace name is found in the symbol 
value of the json imported data, that's why i'm comparing it with symbol.

> Test like this for either set or list container type. Use whichever json
> field is appropriate:
>               if d["currency"] not in esclusioni:
>>                 c.writerow([str(d["currency"]),str(d["symbol"]),str(d
>> ["bid"]),str(d["ask"]),str(d["currency_volume"])])
>> esclusioni.close()

that's a nice approach ( if d["symbol"] not in esclusioni: )!!!

Thanks i will give it a try ... i was getting crazy and my mind was 
looping dangerously!  :-)

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