pygame - importing GL - very bad...

someone newsboost at
Wed Jan 2 00:49:04 CET 2013

On 01/01/2013 12:13 PM, Chris Angelico wrote:
 > On Tue, Jan 1, 2013 at 10:00 PM, someone <newsboost at> wrote:
 >> See this code (understand why I commented out first line):
 >> # from OpenGL.GL import *
 >> from OpenGL.GL import glEnable, GL_DEPTH_TEST, \
 >>       glShadeModel, GL_SMOOTH, glClearColor, \
 >>       GL_CULL_FACE, GL_BLEND, glBlendFunc, \
 >>       glLoadIdentity, glTranslate, glRotate, \
 >>       glMultMatrixf, glPushMatrix, glCallList, \
 >>       glPopMatrix, glDisable, GL_LIGHTING
 >> Any good / clever solution to this problem, so I avoid this nasty crappy
 >> work-around?
 > You could simply
 > import OpenGL.GL as GL
 > and then use all those names as GL.glPopMatrix, GL.GL_LIGHTING, etc. I
 > don't know if that's better or worse.

You're right - but I forgot to write that even though this maybe 
should/is recommended many places then I've seen a lot of opengl code on 
the internet and IMHO NOBODY does that and it'll be a lot slower to type 
that in front of all the opengl commands...

So this solution is not something I like too... But I can see some other 
people came up with good solutions, which I didn't knew about..

Thank you.

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