pylint, was Re: pygame - importing GL - very bad...

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Sat Jan 5 02:23:05 CET 2013

On 01/03/2013 03:56 AM, Dave Angel wrote:
> The first lint program I recall hearing of was available in the early
> 1980's, and was for the C language.  At the time, the C language was
> extremely flexible (in other words, lots of ways to shoot yourself in
> the foot) and the compiler was mostly of the philosophy - if there's a
> way to make sense of the statement, generate some code, somehow.
> Anyway, lint made sense to me as the crud that gets mixed in with the
> real fabric.  And a linter is a machine that identifies and removes that
> crud.  Well, the lint program didn't remove anything, but it identified
> a lot of it.  I didn't hear the term linter till decades later.

Aah, now I understand this "lintering" and where it came from - thanks a 
lot! :-)

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