got stuck in equation

Usama Khan usamazohad at
Tue Jan 1 19:12:30 CET 2013

how shud i intiate this equation myself. .can u give me some links to solve that myself. . am ready already. .its a chalange for me now. . .i just requested for a code as i dont know nothing about iteration of that much complex equation not the entire program. . 

so kindly show me the way. .i will do it myself. .nd remember plz am nt that cheap to cheat. .cheater doesnot worry about grades. .just remember this. .he just wants to clear the subject. . i have cleared the subject with excellent marks. .just spoiling my end semester vacation to get good grade and expereince in programing. . . its totaly optional to go for project, internship or vacationz. .nd i have chosen up the project. . .i hope i have clearified your doubt regarding my amnitions and concerns. . ??

so kindly show me the way. .i will go myself on that way. .because i dont know what way should go for this beautiful complex equatuion. .:)

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