how to solve complex equation?

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On 01/01/2013 11:02 AM, Usama Khan wrote:
> how to solve complex equation in pyhton? and then use it to make a program. . i have created new post as my last post is i guessed ranked as a cheater. .:(
> i know very litle about python as well as programing. .
> which equation am taliking u will be thinking. . i am giving u the link kindly c that equation. . n kindly let me know the way. .

Please STOP asking this question, and try to understand the answers you 
have already been given.

Short answer:  This is NOT a python question, and you can't solve it in 

Longer answer:  This is a math question.  Some equations can be solved 
with algebra, and some can't, in which case perhaps you need some sort 
of a technique for numerical approximation.    Other's have indicated 
that your problem probably falls into the later category.    What YOU 
need to do is investigate iterative techniques for numerical solutions 
and pick one.  (And this Python list is CERTAINLY the wrong place for 
such math questions.)  Once you know what solution technique you want to 
use, you could then come back to this group and ask for help 
implementing it.

P.S.  I have implemented several such techniques, and I have taught 
college courses involving such techniques, and I'll say this:  What you 
ask is the subject of AT LEAST several hours of lectures and possibly 
several semesters worth of study.  No one is going to put that kind of 
time into answering your question here.

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