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>> Hello Friends,
>> I am very new to python and loved the easiness with which we can deal with problems. I would like to take things seriously and develop some good web applications. But right now I am stuck and looking for a mentor who can help me out with improving my skills and knowledge . Looking forward to meet someone who can help me out.
>The best mentor for Python is actually your Python interpreter. As a
>modern high-level language, Python's pretty helpful at finding
>problems - anything that it detects as an error will be reported with
>a thrown exception, with full traceback. Get to know your interpreter
>via its interactive mode (on Windows, 

Right.   In addition, i'd suggest applying the short recpie in
(i.e. add that snippet to and learn a little bit of
pdb. This works everywhere and comes quite handy for inspecting code
right after something throws an exception.

>I strongly recommend IDLE - much
>better editing/recall facilities than the command-line Python has),
>and work through the tutorial:

Well, this is certainly a matter of taste.  I'd recommend using some
small, language independent programmers editor and some modern
distributed version control system  right at the beginning. Put your
code, even the smallest snippets,  under version control, make that a
habit.  Write small doctests for your code from the very beginning. Try
to construct your code so that it works equally well as a module and as
a standalone script   Don't start developing web applications, write
some small utilities for your own needs, first. 

Personally, I suggest SciTE and TortoiseHG on Windows, but that too is,
as I said, a matter of taste. 

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