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Kene Meniru Kene.Meniru at
Fri Jan 4 00:48:27 CET 2013

Mitya Sirenef wrote:

> Ok but if the user creates two sites, how does he then manipulate them,
> if you are not binding instances in A? (e.g. you are not doing site1 =
> Site("New Site")).
> If the user only ever needs one site, that's fine.
>   -m

There can only be one site for each building(s) so the super object that 
coordinates the creation of the entire building, will check and deal with 
this situation. This is where the building knowledge kicks in and is part of 
why I am designing it this way. That is with an overall coordinator that has 
the knowledge of all objects being created and provides the means for them 
to communicate with each other.

So onces there is a site object in the dictionary, an attempt to add a new 
one will be caught and an error reported to the user.


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