Yet another attempt at a safe eval() call

Grant Edwards invalid at invalid.invalid
Fri Jan 4 03:34:14 CET 2013

On 2013-01-04, Tim Chase <python.list at> wrote:
> On 01/03/13 17:25, Grant Edwards wrote:
>> def lessDangerousEval(expr):
>>      global symbolTable
>>      if 'import' in expr:
>>          raise ParseError("operand expressions are not allowed to contain the string 'import'")
>>      globals = {'__builtins__': None}
>>      locals  = symbolTable
>>      return eval(expr, globals, locals)
>> I can guarantee that symbolTable is a dict that maps a set of string
>> symbol names to integer values.
> For what definition of "safe"?  Are CPython segfaults a problem?

Not by themselves, no.

> Blowing the stack?

Not a problem either.  I don't care if the program crashes.  It's a
pretty dumb assembler, and it gives up and exits after the first error

> Do you aim to prevent exploitable things like system calls or
> network/file access?

Yes, that's mainly what I was wondering wondering about.


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