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On 2013-01-04 18:59, Chris Angelico wrote:
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>> hy everyone, for my exam this year i had to write a computer game on vpython (visualpython).we had to make a lunar lander game where the ship drops by gravity and is able to manouver to safely land on the moon.<br>right now i am completely stuck on trying to make the visual of the ship rotate.<br>i'm new to this forum, i guess i'll just paste my code here. Everything works fine on the game, except the rotation of the ship. however the when you press "up" the after rotating the velocity actually changes direction , but the visual doesn't. i'm getting kinda nervous because due date is coming, any help is appreciated, here is the code:
> Ha, I remember playing a game along those lines that was drawn in pure
> ASCII text... the visuals change, the concept doesn't :)
>>         self.brandstofmeter = brandstofmeter()
>>         self.ruimteschip = ruimteschip()
> I'm having trouble understanding these names, and am guessing they're
> either aggressively abbreviated or not English, but it's hard to tell
> which. It's conventional in Python code to capitalize separate words
> in class names, and to either capitalize or use underscores (more
> usually the latter) between words in instance variables and method
> names. Google tells me that brandstofmeter might mean "Babylon 9" and
> ruimteschip is German for "spaceship", but that would be more obvious
> if I were not trying to figure out what "brands-t-of-meter" might
> mean.
Google Translate says it's Dutch:

ruimteschip -> spaceship
brandstofmeter -> fuel gauge

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