Couting the number of lines of code of a python program

Dave Angel d at
Sat Jan 5 16:37:44 CET 2013

On 01/05/2013 10:17 AM, chaouche yacine wrote:
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> Here is my implementation :
> defcount_loc(lines):nb_lines =0docstring =Falseforline inlines:line =line.strip()ifline ==""\ orline.startswith("#")\ ordocstring andnot(line.startswith('"""')orline.startswith("'''"))\ or(line.startswith("'''")andline.endswith("'''")andlen(line)>3)\ or(line.startswith('"""')andline.endswith('"""')andlen(line)>3):continue# this is either a starting or ending docstringelifline.startswith('"""')orline.startswith("'''"):docstring =notdocstring continueelse:nb_lines +=1returnnb_lines

Wow, this is thoroughly garbled.  Please configure your email (yahoo?)
to use text mode email, to not delete spaces, to honor newlines, etc.

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Why is the quoted part *after* your message?   Please don't top-post on
this list (or most of them).  It gets too garbled after one or two



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