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Tim Johnson tim at
Sun Jan 6 23:13:02 CET 2013

* Sourabh Mhaisekar <sourabh8044 at> [130106 07:11]:
> Hello All, 
> I am recently started couple of projects in Python, one in Python GTK and one in Python Qt. I want a good IDE (For Windows ) for Python which gives support for Python as well as PyGtk and PyQt. 
> Features I am looking for 
> * Support for Core Python Auto-completion.
> * Support for PyGtk and PyQt
> * Support for either Bazaar (preferred) or CVS
  I haven't developed on windows in over 10 years, but as I recall,
  pythonwin worked well for me at the time. I don't recall whether
  the 2nd and 3rd features you refer to were available, but the
  first was. It is easy enough to try.

  Now I use vim for all of my work. I pretty-much hand-rolled my own
  IDE, which is typical of vimmers.
tim at tee jay forty nine dot com or akwebsoft dot com

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