How to modify this script?

Kurt Hansen kurt at ugyldig.invalid
Fri Jan 11 05:35:49 CET 2013

Kurt wrote:
 > Spooky behavior. Yes, the green-apple-example also works for me with
 > your new script, BUT ...!
 > Try to copy the table content on this page:
 > which is a realistic scenario. That's whar I am doing these days.
 > Pasting it into Gedit and running the snippet blanks the edit area (on
 > MY Mac at least).
 > And yes: I have pasted your code excatly and I've double-checked for
 > linewraps. Everything is okay.

Chaouche replied:
> Indeed, the console shows a traceback where data is misinterpreted,
> maybe due to my triple protective quotes around $GEDIT_SELECTED_TEXT.
> Try without them, like so (it worked for me) :

Yes!!! :-)

Of course it would be nice if the script could be developed to take into 
account some of the antics I have made in my tables over the years, but 
with this script the basic codes of rows and columns is formatted 
properly; refinements of some collapsed fields with with line breaks 
a.o. is up to me now ;-).

Thanks to you and others who have participated in this thread.
Venlig hilsen
Kurt Hansen

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