Newbie problem with Python pandas

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Sun Jan 6 18:15:45 CET 2013

On Sun, 06 Jan 2013 11:45:34 -0500, Roy Smith wrote:

> In article <_dudnTTyxduONXTNnZ2dnUVZ_oCdnZ2d at>,
>  RueTheDay <nospam at> wrote:
>> On Sun, 06 Jan 2013 08:05:59 -0800, Miki Tebeka wrote:
>> > On Sunday, January 6, 2013 5:57:17 AM UTC-8, RueTheDay wrote:
>> >> I am getting the following error when running on Python 2.7 on
>> >> Ubuntu 12.04:
>> >> >>>>>>
>> >> >>>>>>
>> >> AttributeError: 'Series' object has no attribute 'str'
>> > I would *guess* that  you have an older version of pandas on your
>> > Linux machine.
>> > Try "print(pd.__version__)" to see which version you have.
>> > 
>> > Also, trying asking over at
>> >!forum/pydata which is
>> > more dedicated to pandas.
>> Thank you!  That was it.  I had 0.7 installed (the latest in the Ubuntu
>> repository).  I downloaded and manually installed 0.10 and now it's
>> working.  Coincidentally, this also fixed a problem I was having with
>> running a matplotlib plot function against a pandas Data Frame (worked
>> with some chart types but not others).
>> I'm starting to understand why people rely on easy_install and pip.
>> Thanks again.
> Yeah, Ubuntu is a bit of a mess when it comes to pandas and the things
> it depends on.  Apt gets you numpy 1.4.1, which is really old.  Pandas
> won't even install on top of it.
> I've got pandas (and numpy, and scipy, and matplotlib) running on a
> Ubuntu 12.04 box.  I installed everything with pip.  My problem at this
> point, however, is I want to replicate that setup in EMR (Amazon's
> Elastic Map-Reduce).  In theory, I could just run "pip install numpy" in
> my mrjob.conf bootstrap, but it's a really long install process,
> building a lot of stuff from source.  Not the kind of thing you want to
> put in a bootstrap for an ephemeral instance.
> Does anybody know where I can find a debian package for numpy 1.6?

Go here:

and add one their repositories to your sources.

Then you can do use apt-get to install ALL the latest packages on your 
Ubuntu box - numpy, scipy, pandas, matplotlib, statsmodels, etc.

I wish I found this a few days ago.

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