How do you call a function several times in this context??

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On Jan 6, 2013 12:33 PM, "kofi" <ghanashirts4sale at> wrote:
> Using python 3.1, I have written a function called "isEvenDigit"
> Below is the code for the "isEvenDigit" function:
> def isEvenDigit():
>     ste=input("Please input a single character string: ")
>     li=["0","2","4", "6", "8"]
>     if ste in li:
>         print("True")
>     else:
>         print("False")
> I am now trying to write a function that takes a string as an argument
and makes several calls to the isEvenDigit function in order to calculate
and return the number of even digits in the string.How do i do this please?
This is what i have done so far.
> def isEvenDigit2():
>     number = input("Enter a digit: ")

Use a loop and call the function in the body of the loop. In this case, you
would use a for loop iterating over number. If you don't know how to use a
for loop, I recommend you do the tutorial at
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