Over 30 types of variables available in python ?

Rick Johnson rantingrickjohnson at gmail.com
Fri Jan 11 06:20:05 CET 2013

> On 1-7-2013 2:53:26 AM UTC-6, chaouche yacine wrote:
> Thanks for all your comments. It appears to me that there
> is a slight confusion between types and classes then, plus
> other entities (protocols ?)

The only "confusion" stems from improper terminology. "Class" is the worst possible word to describe: /"the code written by a programmer to define an object"/. 

This epidemic of transforming words improperly is not only a python problem (as you well know). I believe it is high time we stop designing languages by propagating foolish terminology simply because we have no will to break the "status quo". 

And everybody needs to help push this cause along by refusing to use the word "class" and only use the words "object definition". This is something we can all do WITHOUT modifying the python source. This is how you get the snowball rolling. However, if we do this for long enough, language designers will start to realize that "class" is NOT the proper terminology and MAYBE they will consider terminology a bit more. Well, a boy can dream...

We MUST separate the idea of: "an object that lives in memory" from the: "code that defines the object" AND we must do so by wielding intuitive terminology. 

"Just because person X decides to jump off a bridge, that action does not impose person Y to blindly follow"

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