how to detect the character encoding in a web page ?

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>> Indeed due to the poor quality of most websites it is not possible to be
>> 100% accurate for all sites.
>> personally I would start by checking the doc type & then the meta data as
>> these should be quick & correct, I then use chardectect only if these
>> fail to provide any result.
>I agree that checking the metadata is the right thing to do.  But, I
>wouldn't go so far as to assume it will always be correct.  There's a
>lot of crap out there with perfectly formed metadata which just happens
>to be wrong.
>Although it pains me greatly to quote Ronald Reagan as a source of
>wisdom, I have to admit he got it right with "Trust, but verify".  It's

Not surprisingly, as an actor, Reagan was as good as his script.
This one he got from Stalin.

>the only way to survive in the unicode world.  Write defensive code.
>Wrap try blocks around calls that might raise exceptions if the external
>data is borked w/r/t what the metadata claims it should be.

The way to go, of course.

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