regular expression : the dollar sign ($) work with re.match() or ?

Steven D'Aprano steve+comp.lang.python at
Mon Jan 7 10:54:24 CET 2013

On Mon, 07 Jan 2013 01:45:58 -0800, iMath wrote:

> 在 2012年9月26日星期三UTC+8下午3时38分50秒,iMath写道:
>> I only know  the dollar sign ($) will match a pattern from the
>> end of a string,but which method does it work with ,re.match() or
>>  ?
> I thought re.match('h.$', 'hbxihi') will match ‘hi’ ,but it does not .so
> why ?

re.match only matches at the *start* of the string, so "h.$" tries to 

* start of string
* literal h
* any character
* end of string

You want, which will search the entire string and match "hi" at 
the end of the string.


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