comparison between non-comparable objects

Kelvin Li ltwisabc at
Tue Jan 8 08:53:50 CET 2013

> When quoting some online source, please give a reference link. It took
> me a while to find the following page with your quote in it:
> <>
>    in section "6.9  Comparisons"

Sorry about that. Thanks for finding the link.

> > but that seems to be Python 2 behavior; Python 3 apparently raises a
> > TypeError. Does the documentation need updating?
> >
> That sentence is correct in context.  The bullet items there are labeled
> "Comparison of objects of the same type..."  And the particular bullet
> also qualifies the type of the two objects being compared:   " Most
> other objects of built-in types..."

Got it, I was confusing built-in types with built-in functions--I
incorrectly thought object(), for example, returned an object of a
built-in type, and was behaving differently in Python 2 and 3:

object() < object()


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