ANNOUNCE: Thesaurus - a recursive dictionary subclass using attributes

Dave Cinege dave at
Tue Jan 8 18:02:33 CET 2013

Thesaurus: A different way to call a dictionary.

Thesaurus is a new a dictionary subclass which allows calling keys as
if they are class attributes and will search through nested objects
recursively when __getitem__ is called.

You will notice that the code is disgusting simple. However I have found that
this has completely changed the way I program in python. I've re-written some
exiting programs using Thesaurus, and often realized 15-30% code reduction.
Additionally I find the new code much easier to read.

If you find yourself programing with nested dictionaries often, fighting to 
generate output or command lines for external programs, or wish you had 
a dictionary that could act (sort of) like a class, Thesaurus may be for you.
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