Best way to do this? List loop (matrix?) iteration

andydtaylor at andydtaylor at
Thu Jan 10 00:24:49 CET 2013

Thanks for your help - this is what I did - though it's probably obvious to most people reading this.

   for rowcount in range (0, stn_count):
      for colcount in range (0, stn_count): 
	 # 3. Determine Station pairs for API query
         query_origin_stop = stn_list_long[rowcount]
         query_destination_stop = stn_list_long[colcount]
         # 4. Paths for determining duration. "station x = station x" has journey time 0
         # 4a. Stations are SAME

....etc. and this part works! I am now stuck on something else though, but I'll start a new topic for that.



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